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AK-47 Hash

Delicious AK-47 Hash is produced right here in the center of gorgeous British Columbia! AK-47 is created using historic techniques

Chanel Hash

The best domestic hash is Chanel, which is produced in British Columbia. Chanel Hash is a high-end hash variety that

Charas Temple Hash Balls

Temple Balls are a variety of hashish that have been valued and grown for countless ages in Nepal and the

Coffee Crisp Hash

Coffee Crisp Hash is coming, so get your sweet craving ready! You’ll be hankering after a traditional Canadian chocolate bar

Crown Royale Hash

Crown Royale Hash is a luxurious import hash hailing directly from Kazakhstan. The Chuy Valley, a region of fertile land

Grape Kush Hash

Legendary breeder DJ Short, who also gave birth to Blueberry Kush, another 90s phenotype, created the strain known as Grape

Healing Tree Hash

For thousands and thousands of years, Nepal and the surrounding areas have valued and grown the hashish known as Charas

Kerala Gold Hash Balls

Kerala Gold Hash Balls are a common variety of hashish found among the wealthier classes in India and the countries

Ketama Gold Hash

Ketama Gold is a unique import hash that comes from Morocco and is known for its exceptional quality. Morocco and

Laughing Buddha Hash

Laughing Buddha Hash is a unique hash that is proudly made in Canada. This hash is sourced from genuine premium

Lebanese Playboy Hash

The illustrious Lebanese Playboy Hash is a homegrown treasure that takes its name and flavour profile directly from one of

Malana Elephant Hash

Malana Elephant Hash is a legendary AAAA+ import hash sourced from one of hash’s motherlands, the Indian subcontinent. Coming from